Books & Reports

Improved productivity at lower cost: Evidence from research on workplace transformation

Summary report of a suite of research, undertaken with Birmingham City Council, BT and Telereal Trillium, 2012

Why place still matters in the digital age: Third place working in easy reach of home

ZZA’s international empirical study of third place working covers 78,000 online responses from over 60 countries, and systematic qualitative interviews with people working in library, coffee shop and business centre settings – in New York / New Jersey, Greater London, Greater Paris, Hong Kong and Mumbai. The report focuses on social and spatial factors that drive contemporary workplace selection.

Regus, 2011

Family-friendly offices: The policy, practice and legislative context

Background paper covering findings of extensive study, Ziona Strelitz with Michael Edwards and Dalia Ben-Galim

British Council for Offices: London, 2006

Essays & Articles

Shaping London’s Workspace: User Culture

New London Quarterly, Autumn 2018

The Third Dimension

FM World, 24 March 2011

Better office space, happier staff, more successful organisations

in Edge Magazine, Institute of Leadership Management, 2005