Making campuses where students want to be

Students, faculty and professional staff all learned and worked in agile ways prior to Covid, alongside ‘in person’. The balance of physical  to virtual is fluid, but ‘uni’ is more than knowledge and social networking, and students want ‘the real  thing’.  For this to happen, campuses must feel safe, effective and enjoyable, and must achieve this while addressing the climate emergency and future health contingencies. ZZA presents with the EDU on strategic drivers and key design principles for internal and external campus spaces, at AUDE’s ‘Big Conversation’ 2021

“We’re treating COVID as though it was a ‘revolutionary moment’ or ‘the new kid on the block’, but I’ve not worked with a client in the last two decades who’s not practised hybrid working, to an extent. COVID’s just accentuated and made more explicit trends that were already in place. What it’s doing is flushing out some redundancy.”

Workplace futures

Coverage of panel on Workplace revolution: what’s next for the office? Ziona Strelitz soundbites.

“What everyone wants is to work somewhere that isn’t home.”

Championing retrofit

New build isn’t always the most apt strategy. ZZA has long focused on recycling and retrofitting buildings as a key approach to consider. It’s not always a feasible or practical answer, but where the potential’s there, retrofit offers multiple benefits, from social memory to carbon savings. With COP approaching, Ziona Strelitz has shared her passion for Retro First in the latest issue of New London Quarterly. For more in this topical quarterly publication

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Levelling up: leading edge + legacy space

Levelling up isn’t just a current political agenda! An inherent feature of campuses is new versus old. This has obvious physical manifestations, but divergence in standards also arises from cultural change. Whereas good recent development will reflect contemporary standards and norms, older built stock almost always shows time-lags. Over the years, ZZA’s practice has involved numerous commissions to review clients’ campuses or portfolios. The objective is always to identify scope to bridge the gap between leading and trailing buildings – to recommend interventions to transcend perceptions of ‘us and them’. With this aim, we are currently reviewing the LSE’s campus. Occupying a compact quarter in London’s Aldwych district, the campus encompasses a wide range of buildings, from the School’s original Old Building on Houghton Street, to the newest fine Centre Buildings by Rogers Stirk Harbour, and in between a variety of accommodation formerly developed for commercial use, as well as others bespoke for academia. The joy of such commissions is their sense of purpose – seeing additional opportunities, often easy to realise, and the tangible benefit in cascading good ideas across a campus ensemble.