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Wellbeing – universal wish

Wellbeing and quality of life were on the agenda before Covid-19, but they’re right up there now – super large. A challenge of thought leadership is recognising shared objectives across widely diverse conditions and settings. And healthy life is the topic now, for individuals and organisations. Everywhere.

So it’s a responsibility to teach – mostly engineering – students on their future roles in shaping wellbeing. Chongqing University is a highly accredited research institution in the mega-city of Chongqing ( > 30 million people), straddling the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, surrounded by mountains and gorges – a very specific, engaging place, distinct from any other city. Framing the lecture content, it helps to have visited the city, the university, and the academic department. But Ziona Strelitz leverages ZZA’s whole knowledge base – spanning ethnographic design research, reference visits in many cities, and cultural antennae alert to changing modalities.

The value of such teaching is not summarising the technical literature that graduate students can pursue themselves – rather offering new insights, joining dots between disciplines, and inspiring them to champion wellbeing in the future places they will shape.

19-35 Baker Street, site preparation: Baker Street view

Impetus at 19-35 Baker Street

The point of advisory consulting is identifying opportunities for enhancement. Construction of the whole West End block between Baker, George and Blandford Streets and Gloucester Place is now underway. ZZA pre-evaluated the mixed use design proposals for the developer Derwent from the perspective of future users. The on target development programme is exciting and inspiring. So is the scheme’s provision for wellbeing.

19-35 Baker Street, site preparation: George Street view

The Marshall Building addressing Lincoln’s Inn Fields


Scheme realisation – LSE’s new Marshall Building

The LSE’s majestic new Marshall Building has now opened, providing another face for the School onto leafy Lincoln’s Inn Fields. To extend their continuous learning, LSE Estates commissioned ZZA to review the project’s Design and Construction procurement during the building’s development.

University buildings and campuses – what next?

ZZA has been working with the Education Design Unit on a strategic study for AUDE (Association of University Directors of Estates) to inform optimisation of university estates. Ziona Strelitz and colleagues are sharing the work in progress with AUDE members in AUDE’s annual conference: University Estates: The Next Chapter

Marshall interior: informal student space