Energy People Place: Sustainable Urban Paradigm

‘Energy People Place’ offers an integrated, holistic framework for sustainable development, extending the now familiar environmental focus on energy and waste to include the important aspects of land use and quality of life as aspects that are pivotal to more rounded outcomes. Extensively illustrated by reference to the paradigm-shifting mixed use Kings Place development in London’s King’s Cross regeneration area, the book describes the project’s achievement of sustainable potential, highlighting the positive effects of its architectural programme, diverse uses and functions, intensity of use, contextual integration, design quality, estate management, and curatorship to promote social capital.

SHP in association with Northumbria University, 2012

Buildings that feel good

‘Buildings that feel good’ argues that the key to designing good buildings is to reveal design principles that consistently work well for those who know buildings most intimately – the building’s users. Based on a highly selective suite of twenty projects that span a wide range of building types – offices, retail, industrial, infrastructure, sport and education, the case-studies analyse each project, deriving widely applicable lessons for design strategy and briefing.

RIBA Publishing, 2008

Making Cities Better: Visions and Implementation

Synthesising the outputs of an extended charrette addressing six challenging urban sites, and an urban design colloquium convened by Ziona Strelitz, this publication provides insights and strategies to tackle more intractable city conditions.

Vision for Cities, 1996

The London Project: Planning local sites with metropolitan change in mind

Based on an innovative teaching module, this publication, written by Ziona Strelitz and Michael Edwards, offers a structure for briefing analysis to inform user focused design.

ZZA & the Bartlett School, UCL, 1990

Essays & Papers

Cultural and Work Modalities: Opportunities and Challenges for Real Estate

in ‘Work & Place, Vol 3, Issue 1, Occupiers’ Journal and IFMA Foundation, 2014

Smart buildings: 360° visions & user-responsive design

Proceedings of Smart & Green Building: Design, Construction & Management, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 2010

Not just events, events… also people, people: Behavioural issues in Activity-Space Research

in ‘Activity-Space Research: Built Space in the Digital World’. W. Fawcett, Pembroke College, Cambridge, 2006

Innovation in user input to workplace specification

in ‘Futures II in Property and Facility Management’, London, UCL, University of Reading, College of Estate Management, London, 2004

Social scenario

in ‘The professionals’ choice – The future of the built environment professions’, Building Futures, CABE / RIBA, 2003


Architectural case-studies

Forty-five case-study exemplars to illustrate good design, covering discipline and analysis of commercial, industrial, retail, sport and transport buildings.

Research and authoring commissioned by Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), 2003