This is the age of choice. Across sectors, business is focused on user experience – UX is key.

‘Efficiency’ as just one part of the real estate picture. It’s important – but rewarding, productive use is central to successful performance. ZZA’s focus is user experience – buildings and spaces that work for people. That work well. That feel relevant, comfortable and pleasing. This is UX:Space.

ZZA’s specialism is Design Anthropology. Based on social science and built environment disciplines, we apply deep knowledge and well-grounded insights to help shape effective places. This is the basis of UX:Space.

We inject UX:Space wherever we enter a project cycle – at the start, in design evolution, and following completion. Our strategic work covers concept and vision, purpose and function, contextual opportunities, transformation, and design review. Our evaluations focus on three key stages – on design information before construction, on buildings in use, and on project process. Our outputs provide skilled research, experienced judgement, and steers for action. We’re proud to showcase assignments illustrating these services, including our extensive projects deploying our UX:WORKPLACE and UX:CAMPUS methodologies.

Innovative space for teaching, learning and working. London School of Economics’ new Centre Buildings: ZZA has undertaken a Process Evaluation of the project’s design and delivery, and a Post Occupancy Evaluation of the completed building in use © Joas Souza