Books & Chapters

The Physical Workplace and Work-life Balance: Perspectives from Practice

in Work-life balance in times of recession, austerity and beyond Routledge, 2016

The Changing Culture of Living and Working: Physical and Virtual Modalities

Author: Ziona Strelitz, Part 1V – Dynamic Context: Technology and Culture, pp 215-227, in Intelligent Buildings: Design, Management and Operation, 2nd edition, Institution of Civil Engineers, ICE Virtual Library, August 2013

Liveable lives: Office push and pull, common employee predicaments

Regus, 2010

The culture of living and working

In ‘Intelligent Buildings: Design, Management and Operation’, Ed. Derek Clements-Croome, Thomas Telford, 2004

Leisure Provision and People’s Needs

Ziona Strelitz, with Michael Dower, Rhona Rapoport and Stephen Kew HMSO, 1981.

Fathers, Mothers and Others

Ziona Strelitz, with Rhona and Robert Rapoport, Routledge, 1977.

Leisure and the Family Life Cycle

Collaborator with Rhona and Robert Rapoport, Routledge, 1975.

Reports & papers

Getting it together: The work-life agenda and offices

UCL Bartlett School, BCO, 2006.

Work-life integration and workplace location

Sustainable strategies to reconcile employee and corporate objectives, in Corporation and Cities, Berlage Institute and Technical University of Delft, Brussels, 2008