ZZA’s input at project start helps client teams raise the bar. Our rigorous user studies, expert evaluations, and extensive experience in judging awards have generated rich knowledge of building use and design solutions. We know what works in practice and know what doesn’t. Our cultural focus and grasp of trends afford perceptive anticipation of evolving norms and new opportunities. We’ve input to important schemes that have shifted practice and been acclaimed. And our global involvement gives access to a wide repertoire of imaginative ideas and transferable examples.

ZZA’s strategic commissions support project teams in defining objectives and reviewing design evolution. Our distinctive input of UX:Space injects a knowledgeable perspective of future building users, proposes value-adding content, and references relevant approaches that have worked elsewhere – all helping ensure that the project’s realisation best serves client aspirations.

We’re skilled in engagement to effect transformation – demonstrating what new approaches can offer, forging appreciation of potential solutions outside people’s existing experience, and enlisting the buy-in that poises projects to succeed.

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