ZZA is recognised for our instructive evaluations.

Our Pre-evaluations apply ZZA’s deep knowledge of user experience to review project proposals before finalisation, identifying opportunities to enhance value and performance in use.

Our Process Evaluations examine how projects evolve. Engaging with members of the client, design and construction teams, we identify successful practices to repeat, and potential for programme, cost, and quality improvements – on future phases and subsequent projects.

Our Post Occupancy Evaluations POEs – appraise buildings and spaces through the lens of their users. ZZA’s POEs cover new build and adapted legacy buildings, pilot transformations, interiors, buildings and campuses. We tailor every POE to the specifics of the building and its occupancy, obtaining representative data from the range of people who use the spaces in different ways. To evaluate technical services, we partner with M+E specialists.

ZZA delivers clear, well-integrated reports, with metric and qualitative data, skilled interpretation, and evidence-based steers for action.

Evaluation case studies

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