While technology re-shapes study and learning, physical space – in schools, universities, libraries, cafés, workplaces and other collective places has grown in importance for individual study and collaborative, group learning.

Informal and formal learning environments feature strongly in ZZA’s research. Our briefing and post occupancy research in libraries, study areas, teaching space and informal settings, identify factors that support knowledge transfer. Our evidence covers design, functional content, space management, curation and ambience – all key aspects of UX:SPACE, relevant to effective provision and influencing user choice.

ZZA is a member of the Higher Education Design Quality Forum. Our briefing research covers library, research, teaching and social settings. Ziona’s chapter in Saw Swee Hock: The Realisation of the London School of Economics Student Centre describes ZZA’s post occupancy evaluation of this acclaimed building. Following this, we evaluated the LSE’s innovative informal learning space, LSE Life.


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