Derwent_White Collar Factory



Highly recognised for developing fine office buildings, Derwent’s approach to its White Collar Factory scheme resulted in this scheme achieving strong marketplace recognition before it was even built – and much acclaim since.

Located on a corner block at the intersection of the City of London’s financial district and ‘Tech City’ in the buzzy Shoreditch neighbourhood, the vision was to incorporate and cater for both – as its name so deftly suggests.

Designed by AHMM, White Collar Factory demonstrates extensive innovation – its lofty sectional heights, thermal strategy, and building amenities (including a high-level running track with full panoramic views over London). The 16-storey building is situated on a corner of a city block, and the overall scheme also encompasses residential and retail uses in new and adapted legacy buildings, all surrounding Old Street Yard – a publicly accessible landscaped outdoor space, at the centre.
Extending their innovative approach, Derwent commissioned ZZA to pre-evaluate all the scheme’s components from design information, applying our user research knowledge and bespoke methodologies of UX:SPACE, UX:WORKPLACE and UX:CAMPUS to optimise future users’ experience.

© Matt Chisnall / Derwent London
Derwent homepage image © Matt Chisnall / Derwent London