Chiswick Park campus


Process evaluation

Chiswick Park is an award-winning ‘mid-urban’ office campus with an innovative master plan, that incorporates mixed use and fine landscaping in a car-free central zone. ZZA worked on the project from its inception. Between Phases 1 and 2, we undertook a Process Evaluation, engaging with the architects, engineers, cost consultants and key trade contractors to capture instructive lessons for future design and construction procurement.

Post occupancy evaluation

When the first buildings were occupied, ZZA engaged with tenants and facilities managers to establish the park’s effectiveness in supporting tenants’ business operations, and identify further benefits it could offer. Following substantial completion of the buildings and tenant amenities, ZZA’ undertook successive POEs with a range of tenants in multi-tenanted buildings. We distinguished user experience of the park’s location, campus, buildings and on-site services, identifying the zones and features that most contribute to the park’s distinctive strengths.

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