PwC – early leaders in workplace strategy and smart use of resources – enlisted ZZA to help envisage its Future Working Environment. We engaged with PwC partners, managers and internal services to consider the firm’s property, technology, staff and culture.

Cognisant of the rising influence of Gen Y and Gen Z, we also pioneered research with younger staff to bring future-facing issues into the frame.

Applying this generic learning, ZZA facilitated PwC’s ambition to consolidate its East Midlands operations in one building. We researched business aims, work practices and spatial arrangements, and proposed a basis to achieve more from less, using technology, agile working, activity-based settings, supportive services and relevant protocols. The property savings provided rapid payback, and the new adjacencies, well aligned workspace, collaboration and client facilities promoted business, out-performing its projections, which PwC credited to the transformation. The project won BCO ‘Best of the Best’ Award, and became PwC’s platform for change, which they adopted elsewhere, including their new building at 7 More London and transformation of Embankment Place, relating these to their learning from ZZA.

With work styles and culture continually evolving, ZZA led a later update on PwC’s Future Working Environment with participants from the firm’s Emergent Leaders’ programme.