Using the pilot and its adaptation as reference schemes, ZZA established principles for subsequent phases of the building’s transformation, which we tested and evolved with the teams designated to occupy the remaining space in the building. We then worked as ‘custodians’ of this strategic brief, reviewing the proposals of the design team realising the new fit-out.

Following further strategic support on Cisco workspace in Italy, France, Belgium and South America, ZZA produced a Change Management Roadmap to promote agile working across Cisco regions. This detailed step-by-step strategic toolkit leveraged our knowledge of Cisco culture and work styles. Co-opting the input of Cisco leads responsible for workspace delivery, promoted its adoption and application by delivery managers.


Post Occupancy Evaluation

As a company selling connectivity, Cisco targeted the agile space use that technology can enable. Supporting the company via a staged programme of work, ZZA first evaluated how Cisco people responded to a pilot fit-out that had been installed in one part of one Cisco building. Our POE enlisted user experience of the space concept, furniture, layout, look, feel, technology, management, and the way change had been communicated. We recommended adjustments to the pilot, centred on increased simplicity, improved legibility, and more relaxed protocols for using the space. Our follow-up POE – after these changes had been implemented and communicated – reflected their relevance.