BT were recognised for early leadership in pioneering new ways of working, with many BT people doing most of their work remotely or in BT’s workplace cafés. Recognising the power of their space to speak for their brand, BT commissioned ZZA to formulate core workspace principles. Focusing on BT’s culture and uses, rather than ‘rules’, we formulated a strategic house style to support architects’ dynamic responses to BT’s rapidly evolving businesses. BT then commissioned ZZA to support the guide’s application through briefing and design review across some 30 projects on its UK-wide workplace programme, including adaptations and significant new builds.

As a major operator of call centres, BT commissioned ZZA to study 20 reputed call centres of third party organisations. Documenting and analysing their designs as a systematic evidence base, we distilled the principles best aligned to community, flexibility, indoor environmental experience, and value for money. BT used this strategic brief to procure a new call centre in Lincoln.


Post Occupancy Evaluation

ZZA’s numerous POEs for BT covered multiple buildings and comparisons between them. We researched user experience at Stockley Park, Atlantic Quay in Glasgow, Edinburgh Park, Castle Wharf in Nottingham, Parkside in Coventry, Shrewsbury Town Hall and Mondial House in London. We also undertook methodological comparisons of alternative research methods. This evidenced the differential results of online self-responses, structured face-to-face interviews, and research clinics, with the most instructive outputs derived from face-to-face research.

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